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Other useful sites

The following sites can keep you up too date with traffic information, list delivery consignments, show you the cost of fuel at garages throughout the UK, driving jobs and more

we cannot provide links to these companies. 

Courier Exchange - 1000's of courier jobs online now. Join UK's top courier marketplace today. Live Vehicles Map. No.1 UK Freight Exchange. Realtime ETA Alerts. Live Loads Map. Types: Owner Drivers, Courier Companies, Forwarders.

mtvan - helps owner drivers, courier companies and freight forwarders sub-contract courier jobs and find empty vehicles for courier work in the UK and increasingly on mainland Europe.

Petrolprices - Compare UK Petrol and Diesel prices. Find the cheapest locally and UK.

Highways England - A government company responsible for operating, maintaining and improving England's motorways and major A roads

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