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Rental Terms and Conditions

Charges …….   Rental charges are subject to VAT and invoices are collected through your bank account on a weekly basis.

Fuel...…  We operate a full fuel policy. The vehicle will be supplied with a fuel tank and should be returned like wise. Failure to do so will result in additional charges against your account.

Recalls ……   ODL reserve the right to recall any vehicle due to either non-payment of rental charges, misuse by the hirer or excessive mileage. If the vehicle is returned to us prior to the end of the rental term no refunds are payable except in exceptional circumstances.

Rental Period………  The rental period is shown on the rental agreement, date and time hired and date and time returned. Returning a vehicle late will incur further penalties.

Documents ……..  You will be required  to produce your driving licence and proof of address, an insurance certificate covering the rental vehicle, a signed rental agreement and a completed vehicle check sheet showing any damage to the vehicle before you can drive away.

London Congestion Charge and Dartford bridge crossings.....

the rental vehicle is covered for all of the above. Details of the breakdown cover are shown on the rental agreement.

Maintenance……. You will be responsible for maintaining tyres that have to be replaced through punctures or kerbing.

Vehicle Insurance…….. Your present commercial vehicle insurance policy is acceptable  providing you notify your insurers to the fact you are renting this vehicle and not the registered keeper of the vehicle,

Return of vehicle ......  the vehicle should been clean and any damage pointed out.  Any charges for cleanning or minor damage will be deducted from your deposit.

Breakdown Cover ……. If we are supplying breakdown cover then again details of insurer and costs can be found on your rental agreement.

London Congestion & Dart  Charge ……. Unless asked not to do so we will included your vehicle automatically on our fleet policies and re-bill any daily charge to you approximately 3-4 weeks after the event, Any charges against PCN,s, Bus lane violations or speeding notifications will be itemised and charged to your account.

European Cover……. You may make take the vehicle into Europe providing that you first notify us and that you have the correct insurance and breakdown cover.

Liability Statement....

I hereby acknowledge that during the period of hire of the above vehicle that I shall be liable as the owner of the vehicle let to me in respect of:  Any fixed penalty offence or contravention in respect of that vehicle under Part111 or section 66 of the Road Traffic Act 1988 including congestion charging. Any parking charges which may be included in respect of that vehicle in pursuance of an Order under section 45 and or section 46 of the Road Traffic Act 1984 (as amended). Any penalty charge incurred under the Road Traffic Act 2004. I also acknowledge that the liability shall extend to any other vehicle let to me under the same hire agreement and to any period by which the original period of hire may be extended. I hereby agree to hire the vehicle under the terms and conditions set out above.

Any vehicle hired under this agreement may only be driven by authorised driver who have been approved by Owner Drivers Limited. Should these terms be breached, an additional charge may be levied. There is no insurance cover and the hirer will   remain responsible for any losses incurred by the lessor or any third party.


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