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Start up Guide

So you are thinking about becoming a delivery driver, hitting the highways and taking in the scenery as you relax behind the wheel deciding what food franchise outlet to stop for lunch at and on top of that, some one pays you to do this. Sounds good to me!

Of course there is a lot more to it than that. To make a decent living you will need to commit totally. Before even approaching a delivery company for an advertised position you will have to make some decisions such as do you want to be employed or register as self-employed, What types of deliveries that you want to do? Can you work all hours because some driving jobs have no set pattern and require you to work unsocial hours and weekends. 

LIFESTYLE COURIER - Internet purchases to private address for companies such as Amazon. You may be able to use your own vehicle for deliveries. Potential earnings are restricted by how many parcels you can get in your vehicle. Insurance normally provided by sender. Drop rates average around 40 - 50p a drop so you can work it out yourself how long it will take to earn a decent crust.

SAMEDAY COURIER - mainly business to business covering the Uk and abroad. Uncertain work patterns but potentially the opportunity to earn up to a grand per week. You will have to have a commercial vehicle and insurance to cover you for the carriage of goods for hire and reward. Job to keep you away from the other half. If you are applying for a sameday courier position don't purchase a vehicle until you have discussed with the person you are applying to work with the most suitable sized vehicle for the position on offer. Sameday Courier companies use small, medium and large vehicles. You may well find that the position you are being offered includes a commercial vehicle for you to use.

MULTI-DROP COURIER - a mixture of deliveries to private and business addresses in a delegated area from a central hub. Your work pattern would be up to 12 hours working 6 til 6 mainly 5 days a week. Earnings potential limited to the amount of parcels and collections you can complete in one day, Intense, stressful work. Hats off to all multi-drop drivers, Once again as our sameday driver a vehicle and relevant insurance may be supplied.


Okay, if we have not put you off and you have the commitment, the drive, pardon the pun, the willingness to accept that it will be quite daunting to start then good for you. Get out of first gear, sorry, and apply for your first driving job.

While we cannot offer any jobs we can offer start up van hire and the relevant insurances that you will need at the most affordable and discounted rates anywhere!



Start up costs

We of course can only give you a rough start up cost as it depends on what size vehicle you are proposing to use, the age and value. Then there is the insurance costs which vary depending on your age and driving experience and finally what type of deliveries you are going to do.


Owner Drivers Limited ,ODL., can offer van hire from £80 per week + VAT with the initial rental period just 2 weeks and a £250 deposit. This we feel gives you the chance to allow you time to assess whether the job is for you or not without having to commit to long term hire.


ODL through it's associated companies can offer suitable insurance for initially a period from 1 to 28 days. There again it allows you to assess the job without having to pay large lump sums up front. Rates start from just £20 per day up to £400 a month and require a small deposit,


Once you start your new driving job, the need will be for you to purchase fuel and that you must make an allowance for that as you are not likely to received any earned income for 2 to 4 weeks depending on the pay structure of who you are working for, i.e. you get paid in arrears. Some companies will provide a fuel card but it is for you to ask.

Owner Drivers Limited would be pleased to help get you on the right road so contact us and we can discuss your requirements and get you going at minimal costs.

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