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Van Insurance

For vehicles up to 3.5 tonne

Commercial Vehicle insurance including the "CARRIAGE OF GOODS FOR HIRE & REWARD". 

If you use your van to carry or deliver other people's goods for money, you need hire and reward insurance as part of your courier van insurance. Hire and reward insurance is vital for a variety of different professions, including couriers, removal companies, drivers and taxi drivers.

There are however several ways to reduce your insurance premium that most Insurance brokers or insurance companies are reluctant to tell you about. Don't believe it, then either go on-line or phone a broker for a quote and see if you are offered the choice between light haulage or multi-drop

(definition of light haulage -- 2-4 drops per day) 


If your partner has a clean driving licence and , is claim free then adding them to your policy could one again reduce your premiums. If you have insurance on your own private vehicle and you have full NCD then consider swapping that earned NCD to your commercial vehicle.

Click the link below to be re-directed to another page where you can complete a short quote form and we will contact you and help you decide the most suitable cover for your vocation.

  Sameday Courier
   less than 4 drops a        day full insurance inc,    the carriage of goods
       for hire reward 
      from as little as  
    £600 per year
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