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Appealing against a PCN

The curse of all drivers through out the UK. Probably the most common reason one may receive a PCN is when delivering to a shop or business that access to the delivery point or loading bay is restricted either by designated loading times, i.e. before 10am and after 4pm or the complex system of approach roads. Following your Sat Nav could get you into trouble. By appealing you will at least prolong any eventual charges.


If you receive a parking PCN, then providing you were either delivering or collecting a consignment, you should appeal. Find the time to send in a letter along with your PCN number to the relevant council that have issued the PCN. In with the letter, enclose any copy of the delivery/collection instructions from the company that you are doing the delivery for. Explain that at some deliveries loading or off-loading can take more than a few minutes. 

The Council will look at your appeal more sympathetically  if you are from a different town or City or that you were delivering to a Pharmacy. Always be correct in what you put down on paper!

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