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Long Term Hire - exclusive mileage only rate

Long Term commercial vehicle rental is normally offered at a fixed weekly rate plus a weekly mileage allowance which exceeded attracts a mileage excess charge. It is understandable why this mileage excess charged is applied as the depreciation in the value of the vehicle is greatly reduced along with the increase in running costs of maintaining the vehicle.

Usual terms are a weekly charge, with a weekly mileage allowance and an additional charge of 10-20p a mile for mileage over the allowance.

Well ,continuing our theme of doing things that are not the norm, ODL can offer rental on a MILEAGE ONLY BASIS.

Before we continue this offer is only open to Couriers with a proven income record over a period of time, along with a no accidents history and the ability to pay rental through a bank account on a standing order/direct debit basis.

A Courier worth his/hers salt is extremely likely to exceed any mileage allowance figure imposed by the rental company. (average mileage allowance is in the region of a 1000 miles per week)

OUR OFFER- apart from £5.25 per week Road Fund Licence, the cost of the vehicle insurance if we are supplying cover or any Dart/London congestion or PCN'S charges, you will only be charged for the mileage you do in any one week.


The vehicle will be automatically covered on our Dart Charge account and covered for London Congestion Charges and Ultra low emission

charges, so if you venture into these areas, you have not got to remember to pay in time as ODL have an account with both. Any charges for the above related to your hire vehicle will be passed on to you through your weekly invoice. The vehicle also comes with Breakdown cover, roadside and recovery, unless you want to cover this yourself or have an existing breakdown insurance that you can transfer.


Let,s give you any example;

If you do 1000 miles in one week then we would look to charge you

1000 x 10p = £100 + VAT. £5,25 RFL  TOTAL  £126.30

(additional charge if using our insurance)


If you have a week off through illness, a holiday or just lack of work and don't use the vehicle then you would get charged. guess? nothing! for mileage ONLY £5.25 RFL and any vehicle insurance costs if insurance is supplied by ODL

*We would require a deposit equal to the amount of any policy access on the insurance policy used.

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